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          Welcome to the Koaster Kids. We are a YouTube channel that travels across the globe and rides insane rides and rates them on the "Logan Scream Scale" based on the rides intensity. 


          We believe our YouTube channel is unique from other channels on YouTube. Most of our audience is young, coaster enthusiasts, and some, are kids who want to have courage. On our channel, not only do you get to see through the unique perspective of young, brave, kids who love coasters, but we have a bigger intention then just rating coasters on a special one-of-a-kind scale.


          The Goal of "Koaster Kids" is to help people face their fears and be courageous. We encourage people of all ages to to face their fears; whether it's riding a 300 ft. tall roller coaster, or just sitting with the new kid at lunch. Courage comes in all shapes and sizes, but with courage comes a life of adventure and fun.


          Letting fear take over can hold you back from doing so many things, and will keep you from living life to the fullest. Koaster Kids truly wants to help you with slowly breaking through the wall that is your comfort zone. 


          Your comfort zone starts out the size of a penny. Koaster Kids wants to help you grow and flourish your comfort zone, to get it to be the size of the moon. Thanks for reading, enjoy this website, tune into my blog, and of course; Be Brave, and Ride On!                 

Koaster Kids Day at Kings Island! June, 2015